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Barry Kenneth Allmond was a Captain in the United States Air Force when he went missing in South Vietnam on 11 May 1972. Allmond was born on 02 February 1945, and his home city of record is Fort Worth, Texas. The government cannot decide if he is Prisoner of War (as was first stated) or not. Since he is still unaccounted for*, Allmond is listed here with honor.


CACCF - Remains recovered - died while missing. Listed on WALL, but not as POW/MIA - no record of remains returned, not on DIA remains returned list.

Is he or isn't he ?

In a war with millions of U.S. participants, clerical and other errors in records are inevitable. Perhaps clerical error can explain the case of Captain Barry K. Allmond.

Allmond, an Air Force Captain, was reported missing in South Vietnam on 11 May 1972. The Department of Defense maintained him in Prisoner of War status from at least July 1972 until October 1973, but declined to discuss his case at that time with interested POW/MIA accountability groups.

By 1978, Allmond's name had disappeared off all U.S. Government lists without public explanation. In 1991, Allmond's name appears on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial without POW/MIA designation. Whether Allmond's remains were located (*according to POW Network, his "Body Recovered in 1974; buried in Saint Pauls Episcopal Church Cemetery Summerville (Dorchester County), South Carolina") or whether he was mistakenly classified Prisoner of War is not known.


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