Below are the honors bestowed upon this website, ranging from when this website was in its infant stages up to its last design three years ago. If you would like to view the honors bestowed upon me personally, please take a look at my honors page.

The American Flag Award website award [blank]
An Arete Wave of a Site [blank] award [blank]
Angelnotes' Merit Award [blank] award laudation
The Beloz Award website award [blank]
The Critical Mass Award [blank] award [blank]
Dedicated Site Award [blank] award [blank]
Demiurgus of Content Award [blank] award laudation
Fun Tyme Entertainment Merit Award website award laudation
The Gadzillion Award [blank] award [blank]
Gold Award for Public Service website award [blank]
This Site Is Grunt Approved website award laudation
Heart as Big as Texas Award [blank] award [blank]
Heart of the Net Award [blank] award [blank]
Her Generation's Hip Site Award [blank] award [blank]
IWVPA Award for Website Excellence website award laudation
Joe's Patriotic Excellence Award [blank] award [blank]
Kool Site Award [blank] award [blank]
LadyJ's Proud American Award [blank] award [blank]
Memorial Award website award [blank]
Mond Award website award laudation
NovaSite! Site of the Month website award [blank]
Old Glory Traditions Website Of the Week website award [blank]
OJC Remembrance Award website award [blank]
Patriotic Award of Excellence [blank] award [blank]
Patriotic Award of Honor [blank] award [blank]
POW/MIA Awareness Award website award laudation
Rhonda's Choice Award [blank] award [blank]
Ruth's Haven Bronze Award of Excellence [blank] award laudation
Simply Elegant Botique : Gold Award [blank] award laudation
Spirit of America Award [blank] award laudation
Split Hope's Compassion and Support Award [blank] award laudation
Split Hope's Silver Award [blank] award laudation
The Swordsmans' Most Patriotic Web Site Award website award [blank]
Talking Hands Award website award laudation
Texas Precancel Club Merit Award website award laudation
Thumbs Up Site Award [blank] award [blank]
Till We Meet Again : Dege's Award [blank] award [blank]
Turret Captain Award website award [blank]
Twilight's Heartfelt Award [blank] award [blank]
Vision Award : Pacoima Ranch website award laudation
VVWW Brotherhood Award for Web Site Excellenc website award laudation
The Wall of Excellence Award [blank] award [blank]
Warrior's Heart Award website award laudation
Wheel of Life Merit Award [blank] award laudation