Washington, D.C.

December 29, 1972

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Forrester

I deeply regret to inform you that your son, First Lieutenant Ronald Wayne Forrester, USMC, has been reported missing in action since approximately 8:20 p.m. on 27 December 1972. He was the bombardier/navigator of an A6A aircraft that departed Nam Phong, Thailand at 7:44 p.m. for a night mission in North Vietnam.

Electronic surveillance is being maintained and every possible effort is being made to locate the missing aircraft. You will be informed of all developments. Since the possibility exists that your son is being held captive by a hostile force, it is suggested that you refrain from furnishing any persons outside of your immediate family with any background data regarding his personal history and military service. Release of such information could adversely affect this welfare since it may be used for coercion and propaganda purposes. Please accept on behalf of the United States Marine Corps our deepest sympathy during this period of uncertainty.


General R.E. Cushman, Jr.

A. LtCol. J.C. Brown

"Lt. Forrester is a very military individual, and he is in outstanding physical condition. He has complete control of himself and should hold up well in captivity."

B. Major K.C. Bateman

"Lt. Forrester is in outstanding physical condition. He is a very stable individual and should be able to withstand any type of pressure presented to him while in captivity."

C. Capt. B.N. Caviness - a friend of Lt. Forrester

"Lt. Forrester is very religious and a military minded individual. He is in outstanding physical condition and should have no problem if captured."

D. Lt. P.S. Blair - also a good friend of Lt. Forrester

"Lt. Forrester is in good physical condition. He is very level headed and could hold up well during a long period of captivity."

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