Jack Columbus Rittichier : Defining a Hero is an in-depth look into the U.S. Coast Guard helicopter pilot who gave his life while attempting to save another. Rittichier and his three USAF crew members were killed in action in 1968; their remains were repatriated and buried in 2003.

In Loving Memory : Gerber, Mitchell, and Vietti provides more information on the three civilians who were taken prisoner of war in 1962. Vietti is the only female still listed as POW from the Vietnam War.

Ronald Wayne Forrester : Semper Fidelis looks into the life of a Marine who, along with his flying partner, went missing in action in 1972. His life is told through his high school best friend as well as his brothers. Included are typed copies of all the letters Forrester sent home during his short stay at the Rose Garden, Nam Phong, Thailand.

William Charles Dunlap : Repatriated MIA provides information on a local boy who went missing during his second tour of Vietnam. His remains were repatriated nearly twenty years later.

North Texas Student Casualties of the two World Wars recreates plaques hanging inside the Student Union at the University of North Texas, plaques which honor students from the school who gave their all in the two World Wars.