Site News and Updates

31 January 2018: This site has a new look, and is now compatible with all screen (laptop, desktop, smart phone, tablet) sizes.

13 May 2013: I made a decision yesterday to adopt another MIA. This one is the father of an MIA daughter whom I met in Austin. She and I became fast friends after I contacted her last fall, looking for information on her dad. His name is Major William Young Duggan. You can read his incident of loss bio here and his bio as provided by the family here.

26 March 2013: This past week-end, groundbreaking ceremonies were held for the Texas Capital Vietnam Veterans Monument. On Sunday, the names of the 3,417 Texans who gave their all in Vietnam were read; I was one of the readers. On Monday, the groundbreaking ceremonies were held on the Capital grounds. I took around 1000 and will eventually get some of the photos on this website. It was an honor to participate in this event, to see the daughter of one of my adopted MIAs again (we met nearly five years ago), and meet the daughter of another of Texas' MIAs.

31 January 2013: A little over a year, I began giving this site its new look; the update process was completed today. All Texas Vietnam POW/MIA bios have the new look and the majority of them now have photos as well. I have worked hard to get the last one hundred pages updated over the past few days, as I wanted the site complete on today. Why today? It's the 45th anniversary of the start of the Tet Offensive, which claimed nearly four thousand American lives. It seemed one of the more appropriate dates by which I should have this site's update complete.

18 September 2012: It has been nine months since I have updated this website, and most of the more important pages -- the bio pages -- have yet to receive the facelift given to the rest of the site. I was working on them when my computer began acting up in March and it was a fight to keep it stable long enough to work on my website for more than twenty minutes at a time. My computer finally crashed for good a few weeks ago, so now I am working on a borrowed computer while my dad repairs mine. I will do my best to get this entire site updated to the new look soon.

25 January 2012: What I can do - I will - has been given a fresh look. The look and layout is not dramatically different from the one I implemented three years ago, but it has a softer color scheme. While editing pages, I noticed I had numerous pages that were never linked to from any other page, even the site map. They will be taken down until I decide whether or not they should be incorporated back into the site. I still need to work on my photo section as well; hopefully it will not be too long before that looks better.

07 September 2011: This web site is in need of updating. The photo section I know has not been updated in years. I intend to redo the section using the same script I use to showcase my awards. I keep telling myself I will do it when I organize my digital photos so I can easily locate the photos I need to add ... but if I wait until then, the www may no longer exist. I have checked the links on my 'resources' page, deleted invalid web sites and reorganized the remaining links. I now need to go through the rest of the site and make sure everything is in working order as well. If anyone notices any problems, please let me know. Thank you.

16 June 2009: What I can do - I will - was awarded the Mond Award last week. It has been added to the recognition page.While adding the award, I noticed that the script Lightbox, which I use to display the awards, is no longer working. I am still working on the cause, and hope to get the page in proper working order soon.

05 May 2009: A feature that was once an active part of this site, the news/updates section, is back in action after a long hiatus. This page will contain news and updates concerning both this web site andits creator.

06 April 2009: All pages contain the new look/layout. I have also made minor changes to the intro pages for both Forrester and Rittichier's special sections and changed the presentation on the awards (recognition) page.

01 January 2009: What I can do - I will - has a new look! I tweaked a CSS layout by StyleShout and I am very pleased with the new look. The site is now CSS based, and is valid both in CSS and XHTML. Portions of the site have yet to receive the facelift, but I will get that done as soon as possible.