Remember Our Veterans

From the very first war
Until this past
They went when they were called
No questions did they ask.
Each was someone's Brother
Mother, Father, Daughter, Son
They fought, they served
Until the war was done.
They gave us freedom,
They give us peace
So how can we possibly forget
Such heroes as these?
It seems that most stores
Have a Veterans' Day sale
But it wasn't these stores
That our Veterans hailed.
It was for Old Glory
The Stars and Stripes
For which these fine heroes
Risked their very lives.
So celebrate our heroes
In this way
Thank our vets
And give them a hug to-day.

Arlington National Cemetery

When I was young, I never really knew
What exactly it was, that Veterans had been through.
Now I am older, and know a bit more,
About what was suffered, by those who went before.
But nothing could prepare me,
Or stop the tears that did flow,
As I looked at the men and women,
Who laid there, row upon row.
The changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown
Sent a chill that reached deep, deep to the bone.
I slowly walked away, my head hung deep in thought,
Silently thanking those, who so valiantly had fought.
So I thank you dear Vets, wherever you may be,
For fighting for America, and granting her liberty.

Korea, Oh Korea

One trip to the Korean Memorial
Is all it really takes
There are no names etched on a wall,
But oh, the faces tell it all.
Why this war is forgotten,
I don't really understand.
If these men died in vain,
We now must bear the shame.
We must carry the memory, the anguish,
Of a war long gone by
Thousands remain there even now
How can we this allow ?
I for one will not forget
The sacrifices they made
And will keep their memories alive in my heart
Until from this world I at last do part.

They Kept The Country Going

Serving on the home front,
Before they could go to war.
They kept the country going
While the boys were away.
They didn't seek any glory,
They only wanted peace.
They kept the country going
Day after dreadful day.
Finally came the time,
When they too could serve
They kept the country going
Even though they were away.
Remember that they sacrificed,
As much as the boys, maybe more
Women kept the country going
As much then as today.

Dr. Eleanor Ardel Vietti

You will not find her name
Etched upon a wall
Of dark, cold granite.
To many people, she is not even known.
But in the year that I have worn her bracelet,
My admiration for her has grown.
I can see her now
As tough as ever
Helping those who are sick
Some will live, and some will die
But she must keep going on.
Another day is nearing its end
But something now is terribly wrong.
She and two others are taken away
To a destination unknown.
I can see her now
As tough as ever
But in a much better place.
She is now in the hands of God Almighty
A very worthy destination
For this angel of mine.

A Son Returns

A mother sat, alone in silence,
waiting for the son
she had sent off to war
It seemed like only yesterday, when her baby boy
was called to duty
in that foreign land.
"Will I know him?" she asked herself,
as she flipped through
an old photo album.
Presently she heard footsteps, softly approaching;
she looked up to see not a boy,
but a young man, old beyond his years.
"Ma, it's me", he said; she looked at him in doubt.
but as she looked into his pain filled eyes
she knew this was the boy
she had sent off to war.

The Worn Letter

It is a warm summer day
in the midst of a war;
A man sits with a letter in his hand.
He reads and rereads
the now worn letter,
as another battle begins.
He looks up to Heaven
and begins to pray,
looking for strength for what he must do.
This is his day,
he knows that well,
'though he has been only three months in Hell.
He refolds the letter
as his name is called
to join on this life-saving mission.
But no lives were to be saved,
only lives lost,
For the crew all perished on this summer day.
Back home, a widow cries
as she reads and rereads
a now worn letter ...

Softly Creeping

Softly creeping, softly now !
The gentle giant sleeps.
Curled up in all her comforts,
She has more wants than needs.
But wait ! What is that ?
The giant, she now stirs.
Someone crept too loudly,
And her anger she now unfurls.
This giant has a heart of gold,
But her claws are made of steel.
Creep too loudly upon her place,
And much pain you will feel.
The giant now, fully awake,
Takes a long hard look around.
You think you can run, run away,
But know that you'll be found.
Softly creeping, softly now !
The giant buries her dead.
But it will be a long, long time, a long, long wait,
Before the giant goes back to bed.

Forever Love

"Darling, I'm coming home", the telegram read;
She was overcome with joy.
She'd been two years without her man,
Raising three girls and a boy.
It was a war, he had to go;
She knew that from the start.
The war, the madness, was spreading fast,
Tearing lives apart.
Her heart was almost lost,
That day in '44,
When she learned that he'd been shot;
Was he gone forevermore ?
The bullet hit his hand,
Smashed it all to bits;
His life was spared, his family saved,
Only by his wits.
Now he's home, safe and sound,
His family by his side,
Thanking the Lord for sparing his life,
When so many others had died.
"Darling, I'm coming home", the telegram had read,
As if it were to say,
That love which can survive a war,
Is here, forever, to stay.

Tell Me Again ...

Tell me the story again, please,
I promise I won't cry.
I'm not trying to upset you, Mommy,
I just don't understand why.
You said Daddy went missing
In some country called Viet Nam.
How can we lose a soldier ?
I just don't understand.
You said he wanted to go,
That it was his duty to fight.
But Mommy, why isn't he home ?
I miss him with all my might !
Tell me the story again, please,
Of what happened when I was just two.
Maybe when I am bigger,
I can be 'Daddy' for me and for you.