The following letters were written to members of Congress in regards to my seven adopted warriors. Leading up to writing the letters, I spent three different periods looking for just whom the letters should be addressed to. I ended up choosing three Senators and three Representatives. Only one of the six (Senator Phil Gramm) represented me at the time, but does it really matter? I wrote one letter for each of my adopted warriors, with the exception of my two Army guys, who shared a letter.

Below you will find links to each of the letters. Each has its own page, and when/if I receive a response, it will be posted below the original letter. The "[rr]" following some names indicates a response received [note : I have received two responses from Senator Harkin]. I encourage each of you to write at least one Congress person re your adopted warrior(s). If you need help locating your rep (or any rep), go to my contact page, where you will find links to locating Representatives and Senators, as well as a link to a page which lists all Senators and Representatives who are Veterans.

Letter 01 to : Representative Eni Faleomavega, re : Eleanor Vietti

Letter 02 to : Senator Phil Gramm, re : John Armstrong [rr]

Letter 03 to : Representative Silvestre Reyes, re : James Harwood and Gerald Kinsman [rr]

Letter 04 to : Representative Benjamin Gilman, re : Ronald Forrester

Letter 05 to : Senator Chuck Hagel, re : Jack Rittichier

Letter 06 to : Representative Tom Harkin, re :Frank Green, Jr. [rr]